Nicolás Deschle

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Van der Boechorststraat 9, 1081 BT Amsterdam
room B656

+31 20 59 82684

I studied physics at the University of Buenos Aires graduating in 2015. During my master thesis I worked in experimental neuroscience under the supervision of Mariano Belluscio. In 2015, I started my PhD research project in Amsterdam under supervision of Andreas Daffertshofer and Bob van Dijk and Björn Schelter who is affiliated with the University of Aberdeen.

Network-network interaction in neuronal systems – how topological characteristics transfer between complex networks

Oscillatory activity can synchronize distant neural ensembles and by this transfer information. The spatial organization of non-local synchronization typically yields complex, so-called small-world or scale-free networks on a functional level. The sparseness of such networks improves their synchronizability and, hence, affects the accompanying information transfer.


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