The Human Movement Sciences Sections

The department of Human Movement Sciences consists of five research and teaching sections and one section exclusively focussing on education. Our research sections are covering all research fields of Human Movement Sciences.

Coordination Dynamics

The section Coordination Dynamics seeks to understand the coordination between limbs and between movements and environment using concepts and tools of the theory of dynamical systems.


In the section Education, senior and junior lecturers develop workgroup and practical education. All the lecturers are acting as mentors for the first-year students.

Motor Learning & Performance

Motor Learning & Performance examines motor control and learning at different stages of development within sport, rehabilitation, physical education and other performance environments.


The section Neuromechanics integrates neurophysiology and biomechanics to better understand the neuromusculoskeletal system.


The Physiology section focuses on improving performance in healthy people and athletes and in the presence of motor impairment due to accident, illness, disease or ageing.

Sensorimotor Control

In the Sensorimotor Control Section we are concerned with how we adapt our movements to the environment.