Effects of ageing on inter-hemispheric cross-talk – Studying EEG, FMRI, and DTI in the context of motor learning


Project Description

With age our body undergoes various neurophysiological changes, including the central nervous system and the motor network. My PhD project investigates these age-related changes in the symmetry of cortical activity patterns during motor performance of (unimanual) hand movements, with a specific focus on the process of learning.  For this, I combined two different modalities, EEG and fMRI, and performed DTI recordings in two different groups: young (20-25 years) and older (60-70 years) healthy adults.

Project Details

Start Date: Jan, 2015
Duration: 4 Years
Charité Medical Center Berlin, Germany

Comparison fMRI and EEG source outcome

The combination of EEG and fMRI overcomes the spatial limitations of EEG and the temporal limitations of fMRI. To verify if the combination of these modalities has an added value over over using the two methods separate, both fMRI BOLD source analysis and EEG localized beamformer analysis are performed on the data that is collected during the simultaneous EEG/fMRI recordings.

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Sabrina Chettouf

Sabrina Chettouf

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