Ballistic actions

Fast and safe throwing in baseball (FASTBALL)

In baseball, the pitcher plays a crucial role by accurately throwing balls at high speed. FASTBALL aims to explore the development of anthropometric and functional characteristics of elite youth baseball pitchers in relation to throwing speeds, kinematics and musculoskeletal injuries. Moreover, traditional and new methods for motor learning are studied in baseball pitching, which also include the development and application of a near real-time (sensory) feedback system.

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Biomechanics of ballistic whole-body movement in elite athletes

In this project we aim to understand the motor control strategy during ballistic sports actions and the function of the joints and muscles involved. Specifically, we investigate the full-body 3D kinematics and kinetics of top level hockey players during performance of the drag-push, and the diving save of top level goal keepers in football. Results from these studies will be used to assess which biomechanical factors can be targeted to improve performance.

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