Delft University of Technology

Fast and safe throwing in baseball (FASTBALL)

In baseball, the pitcher plays a crucial role by accurately throwing balls at high speed. FASTBALL aims to explore the development of anthropometric and functional characteristics of elite youth baseball pitchers in relation to throwing speeds, kinematics and musculoskeletal injuries. Moreover, traditional and new methods for motor learning are studied in baseball pitching, which also include the development and application of a near real-time (sensory) feedback system.

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Running specific prostheses and orthoses

For people with lower limb impairments their running ability can be restored or enhanced using assistive technology that supports this behavior in the leg. For amputees this application is well known as their conventional prosthetic feet are replaced by carbon blades. In a series of projects the properties of running prosthetic and orthotic blades are investigated with specific focus on the question how the interaction between user and blade affects the running performance.

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The perfect sports wheelchair

In this project methods are developed to give wheelchair-bound athletes feedback on their performance, with the purpose to improve themselves and to improve their wheelchair. Videos of wheelchair basketball games were extensively analyzed and measurements were performed using sensors that fit to a sports wheelchair. The methodology is used to study the optimal configuration of the sports wheelchair in wheelchair basketball and can be applied in other wheelchair sports and in regular wheelchair use.

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