Trienke Ijmker

Jaap van Dieën

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Van der Boechorststraat 9, 1081 BT Amsterdam
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Personal news…

  • Spexor

    Oct. 2018
    Spexor is a H2020 funded project which will deliver novel and effective spinal exoskeletons that will prevent low-back pain in able-bodied workers and support workers with low-back pain who are reintegrating in the occupational setting.
  • Wearable Robotics

    Oct. 2018
    In this “TTW Perspectief” program we are collaborating to develop text novel exoskeletons to support function in healthy subjects performing strenuous tasks and in patients with movement impairments.
  • Prevent IT

    Oct. 2018
    PreventIT employs current developments in mobile technology to enable active and healthy ageing by developing a personalized behavioral change intervention.
  • Keep-Control

    Oct. 2018
    Keep Control is an industrial academic initial training network with 12 PhD fellows across the network working towards specific diagnosis and treatment for age-related gait and balance deficits.
  • Move-Age

    Oct. 2018
    Understanding Ageing and Mobility. Funded by the EU as part of the Erasmus Mundus program, this international training network involves 40-odd PhD students studying age-related changes in human movement.
  • De achillespees bestaat niet, het zijn er drie

    May. 2018
    De achillespees blijkt complexer dan gedacht. Het is namelijk niet één pees, maar bestaat uit drie verschillende pezen die onafhankelijk van elkaar kunnen bewegen. Dit blijkt uit onderzoek van de VU onder leiding van onder meer bewegingswetenschapper Huub Maas.
  • Scientific Staff

    Nov. 2017
    The scientific core team of the Neuromechanics section.
  • Current PhDs

    Nov. 2017
    Our PhD students receive scientific and technical training are expected to become world leading scientists in their field.
  • Former PhDs

    Nov. 2017
    Scientists and their graduation theses, which started their scientific career at the Department of Human Movement Sciences
  • Technical Support

    Mar. 2018
    The Technical Support Team are very clever and creative guys, without them would hardly work in the experiments


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